Creating a Culture of Innovation

DON'T do the same boring inservice with (to!) your teachers!

Don't do this!

Liven up your PD with resources like:

DO try lots of things!

  • you won't find just the right tool for the task unless you try a lot of tools
  • it's okay to try something and not like it - try something else
  • Presentation Software? Instead of PowerPoint, try:

DON'T have lots of paper!

Think of ways to go paperless! Digital advantages include:
  • instant updates without having to reprint
  • the ability to search the document
  • annotations you can share out
  • ways to collaborate with others

Try using:

Create eBooks with:

Go digital with your note-taking with:

Alternatives to printing and filling out forms and documents:

DO strive for transparency!

Use tools that allow teachers, staff (and sometimes parents) to watch the process of building policy and even take part in it. Try using a collaborative tools such as Google Docs.

Take part in social media to show parents what wonderful things are happening in your schools.

Use social tools that allow for privacy of cellphone numbers but still allow for communication to and with teachers, staff and parents.

DON'T get stuck in the box!

We need to stretch ourselves, because it is in the stretching that we are learning. Sometimes we find innovative tools that work great and then that becomes THE tool. We have to be open to new ideas and tools, and welcome those who question the process.

Good places to find out about new tools:

DO be the model to your staff!

People are always watching to see what and how you do things, as well as how you treat others and approach problem solving. Be the model. Accept that you don't and can't know everything. Google it or search YouTube for how-to's.

Resources for online education:

DON'T do this on your own!

Join social networks. Ban with other administrators. Create your own Personal Learning Network (PLN).


DO question the status quo!

This is the way we've always done it! But why?! Is there a better way? Do you HAVE to gather data with pen and paper? Or can you use Google Forms? Are group face-to-face meetings the ONLY way to work together? Or can you collaborate with Edmodo? Don't cut the ends off of your roast just because grandma always did!

DON'T be afraid to fail - but fail forward!

Try, try again. Be persistent. Be willing to fail and fail often because it is through failing that we learn what it takes to succeed. We learn what will work. We learn what features we are looking for. We learn how we can change what we are doing. Some tools won't work for one project but might be perfect for another.

DO be a risk-taker and create a safe-environment for those around you to do the same!

Create spaces where trust can happen. Leaders should be consistent, considerate, authentic and willing to try new things! Good luck on creating your own culture of innovation! Let us know if we can help you!

Anna Adam and Helen Mowers