BYOD Successfully? Srsly!




  • Same network or separate wireless?
  • Login credentials or open?
  • Allow bypass of network for 3G/LTE enabled devices?


  • Have a student code of conduct
  • Teachers have classroom rules for use in writing, signed by student and parents
  • Educational purposes only
  • Bring devices charged - no extra cables or accessories


  • Campus/District assumes no liability for loss, damage or theft
  • Staff does not require that a student share his/her device with another student

Best Practices

  • Parent and student signature on written rules
  • School or teacher keeps list of serial numbers of all allowed devices
  • Do not allow parents to text or call students during school hours - require access through the front office
  • Have a plan for students without devices - do not penalize for students who don't bring a devices
  • Have a plan B for when devices don't cooperate
  • Keep devices in the open when not in use
  • Put names of students on devices in semi-permanent fashion (Sharpie, sticker, label, lockscreen info)
  • Encourage passcode locking of devices by students


Free iPod/iPad apps

Text Activities & Resources

  • PollEverywhere
  • Random Word with Definition - Text "word" to 44636
  • ChaCha - Live person search results. Text your questions to 242242
  • Celly - instant group text messages and polls
  • Remind101 - Safely text message students and stay in touch with parents

QR Codes

  • See our resources for our QR Qrazy presentation

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